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Is online poker rigged? Resources

The 'Online Poker is Rigged' Debate...

There are countless articles, blogs and forum posts on the web that touch the subject of online poker being rigged. They vary from 'absolute madness', through 'well thought out argument' and on to 'laugh out loud, funny'. In our opinion, these are some of the best...

The Poker Junkie Blog discusses the shortfalls in RNG testing and why it's not enough.

The Free Poker Room give their view - no motivation for a poker site to rig the deal.

CBS News covers the famous UB/AP Scandal on their 60 minutes programme.

Tight Poker give their opinion: we don't need to worry as much as we think.

Ed Millar of 'Noted Poker Authority' talks about the possibilities of manipulation of the deal.

Poker Tips For You can't decide but want you to experiment.

Jason Young (WSOP winner) vents on his blog - he's convinced it's rigged!

Bill Rini's blog is worth visiting for a chuckle.

Learn Texas Hold'em ask the question and then answer it.

Other Analyses

There seems to be very little hard evidence published on the subject but here are some analysis with a good sample size that have been completed...

Tony H at rec.gambling.poker analysed 38,000 hands - starting hands, flop and board.

Spadebidder carry out an All-in Equity Analysis and Flop Analysis with a very large sample.

Internet Poker Forums

2plus2 is probably the largest online poker forum and also has info about all aspects of poker.

Cardschat is another good forum, with quite a bit of activity.

Pocket Fives has a fine forum with regular visitors as well as many other aspects.

Poker Strategy

The Poker Bank has a wide range of articles freely available.

Top Texas Hold'em has some good simple advice that is easy to follow.

pokerstrategy.co.uk has some good free information.

Other Poker Links

Free Poker - Here you can play multiplayer poker for free and read reviews of other poker rooms that offer real money poker. 

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